Now, it’s evident from my last post (over two months ago… oops?) that I’m a bit of a Troye Sivan fan so you’ll understand why today has been a fairly important day. ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, Troye’s debut album, was released worldwide today and I’m already bopping along as I write this because it perfectly encompasses exactly what Troye is. He has obviously poured his heart and soul into this album and after hyping it up so much I can definitely say that I’m not disappointed one bit. As well as featuring all of the songs from his EP ‘Wild’ earlier this year, the Deluxe version has 9 new tracks (+ a remix of the EP’s title track ‘Wild’ which, let’s be honest, is kind of hard to not like), my favourite of which – excluding the ones from the EP which were all good shit – are *cough* all of them *cough*: ‘HEAVEN’, ‘BLUE’, ‘SUBURBIA’ and ‘for him.’

The way in which Troye released this album was, in my opinion, extremely clever. By releasing his EP in September it really got people talking about his music again after the year gap since his debut EP ‘TRXYE’ and gave us an idea of the sort of vibe this new album would have. ‘TRXYE’, being his first real foray into the music industry, was just the first stepping stone which allowed him to progress further into the world of ‘the music business’ and put himself out there artistically. Understandably, ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ and ‘TRXYE’ have very different vibes, seeing that there was a solid chunk of time between the two; while ‘TRXYE’ was much smaller and had a more innocent yet intriguing vibe, ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ feels much more deep and personal. We’re really getting to know Troye through this album. His ups and downs, his thoughts and feelings, his deepest secrets. There is a lot more emotion in this album and I think this shows just how far he’s come in the last year.

suburbia troye

Many other artists also feature on tracks in ‘Blue Neighbourhood’. Another favourite of mine, Betty Who, stars on the track ‘HEAVEN’ and I think these extra vocals elevate Troye’s and take his music just that bit further. Of course his music would still be exceptional without it but having that accompaniment there just compliments his voice really well and adds extra dimensions.

There are messages throughout this album which I think are very important and relatable for many of Troye’s fans. I know that ‘HEAVEN’ has specific semantic meaning for me and it’s something I really get but could never find the right words for, and the same goes for ‘FOOLS’. ‘HEAVEN’ tackles the idea that if there is a Heaven and if God really doesn’t accept us, then maybe that’s not somewhere he wants to be. Why should he and other LGBTQ+ members change themselves to fit a perceived idealism forced on people by society? If he can’t be himself and love himself because of who and what he is then maybe he doesn’t want heaven. I can imagine that this message resonates with hundreds if not thousands of fans, as will the lyrics of ‘FOOLS’ because who doesn’t have those thoughts? We all feel like fools for liking someone who doesn’t like us back and we even have times where we feel like it’s our fault that we’re single because only fools would fall for us.

fools troye 2

Overall it’s just a really good album, I definitely recommend it and you (yes you!) should definitely listen to it at some point. Me? I’m eagerly awaiting my physical copy but until Christmas I’ll have to make do with the wonder that is Spotify.

Now, I’m off to go join back in with this Twitter date.


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