FOOLS – Troye Sivan

Only a few hours ago, Troye Sivan, the Australian YouTuber and musician, released the official video for his song ‘FOOLS’ off of his new EP ‘WILD’ and already it has nearly 350,000 views. This comes as no surprise to me. If you haven’t watched it yet I suggest you do and I suggest you also go back and watch the video for ‘WILD’ which was released earlier this month and has almost 4.5million views. They’re both honestly so moving.

This video is the second in a trilogy of videos called ‘Blue Neighbourhood’, the first part being ‘WILD’. The development of Troye’s relationship with his childhood best friend, played by Matthew Eriksson, and how they go from being best friends to boyfriends is a major focus, however, I feel that in this video the main point he’s trying to get across is the things LGBTQ+ youth have to face at home if their parents aren’t accepting of them. Something that really stood out for me were the parts in which we see how his boyfriend is being treated abusively by his father. Being ridiculed by your family for being gay is something that I feel, sadly, many people watching this music video will be able to relate to. Sadly, I also feel like some may be able to relate to the line spoken by the dad

If he’s back here one more time I’ll kill both of you

and that simply isn’t okay; no one should have to hear those kind of things from the people who are meant to love them unconditionally.

Homophobia is still as present as ever within our society and videos like ‘FOOLS’ help us to highlight it in a widespread manner by actually showing people what it’s like if they haven’t experienced it.

I want to elaborate a bit on the point I just made because I feel like it’s the overarching theme for this trilogy of videos. For those who don’t know (although I feel like if you’re reading a whole article about Troye, you probably do), Troye is gay. Personally, I think this gives more weight to the message in this video and makes it feel more personal than it would in comparison to a non-LGBTQ+ member making a video of this style. Videos relating to LGBTQ+ issues or just the LGBTQ+ community in general are extremely important. Representation matters as it normalises being gay/bi/pan/demi/ace etc which is something many people need as it makes their feelings and sexualities feel validated: far too often, LGBTQ+ youth feel isolated and alone because the majority of media is hetero-centric and cis-centric with the token gay character. With this kind of mainstream media, it’s vital that less mainstream media utilizes every resource it has in order to get positive representation out there and I think Troye is doing exactly that with these videos.

fools screencap 2

Visually, the video was stunning too. This set of gifs shows mirroring angles throughout the video which I love because the theme of walking away and similar shots like this crop up in both videos. I love recurring themes in short videos; when artists include specific nuances with meaning and feeling behind them I can tell it’s important to them. Another stand-out moment in respect to visuals was when the video switched between Matt’s character being attacked by his father and him and Troye making out – they transitioned perfectly into one another, exaggerating the contrast between the harsh actions of the father figure and the loving, tender actions of the boyfriend. Clever little things like this are what make film and video such an enticing media. There are endless possibilities for what you could do or how you could choose to film a certain shot and sometimes angles appear that just look visually stunning.

fools screencap 3 maybe

Troye’s singing is the only big thing I haven’t really touched on but I think it goes without saying that his talent is impossible to contain. He is one of the most creative people on YouTube, in my opinion, and this creativity and passion shines through in his work. Deep meaning oozes out of this man and I’m excited to see the final video in the trilogy and other projects to come in the future.


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