Dear Nicole Arbour

Your fatphobia disgusts me.

This isn’t the thing I wanted to post about in my next blog post, I actually have a whole other piece written and saved on my laptop, but I feel like if I don’t talk about this it just won’t sit right with me.

I can’t begin to fathom why you would think it’s okay to be so mean to people who you don’t know, simply because of their body type. Fat does not equal unhealthy, the same as skinny does not equal healthy: it’s all relative. The fact that you thought it was okay to make this video and attempt to incorporate what you perceive to be comedy into it makes me mad. Being mean isn’t funny. If you have to resort to cruelty and trying to make people laugh at someone else’s expense then you don’t deserve to call yourself a comedian; instead you’re just a bully.

Body image is something I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember now, and when I hear people like you saying such horrible things it doesn’t motivate me to go out and do even more exercise or eat even healthier, it just makes me feel like shit. Yes I’m fatter than most of my friends but that doesn’t mean I’m unhealthy and am going to get ‘fucking heart disease’ because hey guess what?! I exercise and eat healthily, as do many other ‘fat’ people. In fact, I can guarantee that I eat healthier and exercise more than some of my friends who you might look at and think they’re healthy simply because they’re thinner than I am. It’s impossible to know someone’s health condition simply by looking at them. And you know what, honestly? I am nowhere near as overweight as I think I am. I fall into the category of what you so affectionately called ‘a little cushion for the pushin”. However, seeing these sorts of videos and hearing people shame on fat people makes me think that I am because I’m certainly not skinny. Messages about health are always good – it’s good to be healthy – but as I already said: being fat doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. The thing that’s most important is that we talk about weight and health in a positive way so that we motivate people who are unhealthy (unhealthy not fat) to improve their health, instead of shitting all over bigger people and their self esteem until they feel so worthless that they hate themselves.

Videos like this and messages put in such a way can not only create negative body images but result in eating disorders.

No that means you’re too fat and should stop eating

Do you realise what these sorts of comments do to people? Someone is going to hear that and they will stop eating. I understand that you probably set out with a good mindset when making this video but what you actually came out with is just pure hatred and vile behaviour. I think you need to take a look at yourself and consider what’s actually funny and what’s just plain offensive.

  • ‘Ugh, people can’t take a joke anymore’ – people used to laugh at stuff like this because they were ignorant and didn’t know better. Some people still do and that’s not okay
  • ‘People can’t deal with satire’ – satire is making comedy about a group or individual who isn’t already commonly made fun of by society
  • ‘She’s just telling it how it is. You need to be blunt to get points across’ – I agree that in a lot of situations bluntness is very beneficial, but this isn’t the time. ‘You smoke too much and should stop’ is okay because smoking is actually damaging to a person’s health, whereas ‘You eat too much and should stop’ is the opposite.

I’m disappointed that you consider other people’s struggles comedic.

For anyone reading this who was made to feel like shit after watching this, here are some response videos/videos about fatshaming (and yes it is a thing because your whole video was basically 9 minutes of it) that I think you would benefit from watching:

Meghan Tonjes’ response

Ashley Mardell’s response

Jameschats’ response

Carrie’s video on body shaming


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